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About Erik

A resident of Johnston, IA, Erik served two terms in the Iowa House the Representative for House District 69. Erik is a compliance consultant, lawyer,  and participates in the operation of a seventh generation family farm in the district


Erik is a graduate of Drake University Law School, and received a biochemistry and molecular biology degree from Drake University.


Erik grew up on the Helland family farm. The farm started in 1861 and has been the home and business for seven generations of Hellands. It is here that Erik learned the importance of personal responsibility, hard work, and strong family values. These values led him to run for the Iowa House of Representatives in 2008 to bring common sense Iowa values to government.


In January 2011, Erik was elected to serve as the Majority Whip in the Iowa House of Representatives.  As a member of the House Leadership team he worked to reduce taxes, restore Iowa’s economy, return fiscal discipline to the state budget, and eliminate the burden of excessive government regulation.


It has been an honor and privilege to serve the constituents of House District 69.  I look forward to working on the causes that led me to run in the first place as a public servant and in the private sector.